The Zebraboys, LEWB and 101 House

It began like it always does, with your friends. We all have at least one instrument, and it doesn't matter how cheap it is, so long as you play it with your friends. The Zebrawatchers started in 2008, a year of indoor and backyard parties. Where cops turned a blind eye to noise complaints because it was the last band on, and "that sounded pretty awesome." By 2010 I enrolled into The MediaTech Institute and Charlie Frizzell's voice was gratefully accepted as our new front. Left Ear and the Wife Beaters was a lot for the world, so we eventually became LEWB. The following year upon my graduation from the Recordings Arts, we young heroes move into what history calls 101 House in Garland, Texas.

A Live and Death House

The house shows were constant and rowdy. In order to keep this legal, here are the highlights: In 2013 Emilio and I leave LEWB to pursue our studio project, Hermitios. That following year I partnered with Stephen Spencer and we began my biggest collaboration to date, Bakers Dozen, a 42 track album of skits and music featuring as many artists from our scene we could get a hold of. Meanwhile I release an EP with Keaton J Collins, an EP of my ukulele songs, and in 2015 my first solo album. Then I met Tom, or "Torm." He introduces me to Ty Bohrnstedt and together we form Pyramidlifecrisis and record our first album and the last recordings done in my living room/kitchen (2017).

Farming and Donuts

After a decade of being my own label, venue, and studio I knew it was time for a change. All that drumming, strumming, and recording was good to me, but I found farming to be better. And on this farm the Audible Donuts studio was built in 2018, where my focus in music is redefining my catalog, live recording studio projects, and creating more music visuals.

Visual Donuts

Made with unpasteurized eggs